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C. Relationship Management


Why You Should Integrate Your Website and CRM

Every organisation needs a CRM (C. Relationship Management) system, no matter how large or small that organisation is. Whether the C stands for Customers, Clients, Constituents, Contributors or other Contacts, organisations need to manage their contacts and keep track of their interactions with them.

So you have a CRM, excellent! However, a CRM is only as good as the data it receives. Many organisations fail to integrate their website with their CRM, having never realised the benefits they could receive by doing so. However, integrating the two systems can bring a lot of added value to your organisation. Here are seven reasons why you should integrate your website with your CRM system.

CiviCRM is the leading open source/free CRM for the non-profit, civic-tech, NGO, political and charity sectors. To make it easier to get started with the powerful solution – used by over 10,000 organizations– we're pleased to launch CiviCRM Spark.
NOTE: CiviCRM is open source where 
CiviCRM Spark has a low monthly fee.

VIew CiviCRM Spark


At any time you can export your data from Spark to run on your own installation of CiviCRM.
You can download this for free and install it yourself, or work with one of our many experienced partners to set that up