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TYPE 3 - Dynamic Site With Unlimited Functions

Below are three examples of dynamic websites with added functions.

Below are three examples of Dynamic Sites with Limited Functions. The reason these sites are called dynamic is that the content on the site is created and updated through a web browser. When the content is created it writes to a database where the information is stored. There are many advantages to building a dynamic website.

More secure

Content Management System or CMS, enables anyone with a secure login to keep your site content current and upto date.

Requirements from you the client

  • All written copy that will be required for your pages, if you require us to research and write content for your site we can do so at an extra fee.
  • Photos, Logos and Branding.
  • Stock Photos, we do have a repository of stock photos that you can use free of charge, however if you require specific image for your site there will be a fee, in most cases the cost can range from $20 to $30 for high quality stock photos.
  • Your registered domain, if you have not registered a domain we can suggest a register for you.



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