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Niche Places Inc.

Niches Places, Real Estate, Condos, Halifax, Nova Scotia

A Gem on the Horizon of the City Lights

Niche Places is a boutique artistic construction company actively looking into improving citizen's lives by the way of creating functional and beautiful spaces, pleasing for the eyes and more importantly calming for the heart!

We don't build houses! We create new meaningful lives for our buyers through our artistic minimalist designs of our spaces. 

We are in some sense space specialists!!! Construction happened to be the vehicle for that. 

Our final goal is to make all our residents and visitors amazed the moment they walk in, and make them feel the deep peace within! 

We don't demolish, but we recreate older structures into artful brand new spaces that each follow a stream of serenity and calmness.

February 2018
Project Date: 

February 2018