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Pavarini Design

New York, USA

Pavarini Design

PAVARINI DESIGN is a full-scale New York based Award-Winning Interior Design Firm

specializing in Architectural Interior Design, Custom Furniture Design and Lighting Design.  While many of our projects begin with new construction and full-scale renovations, we see nearly all projects through decoration and art selection to achieve a complete Interior Design concept.  Our work is widely recognized and well-known for its European flavor and very clear sense of style and sophistication whether traditional or contemporary. Our firm is a leader in creating successful Interior Design that exhibits a very high taste level, style component, and refined sense of drama.  Based on fundamental classical principles, our work blends modern with historical elements and concepts in new ways that show a mastery of merging tradition with contemporary woodworking, cutting-edge lighting design and technological integration.


Throughout the 20 th and 21 st Century,
The Penthouse has been associated with the height of quality and refinement. These homes ‘in the clouds’ give us the feeling we are above it all, in a world of supreme luxury and exclusivity. Some of our most opulent and exciting work can be found here in this gallery which has been, above all, the most enjoyable to put together.



Pavarini Design
Project Date: 

December 2015